How To Smell Sexy
Women may associate musk with jerks, wear eucalyptus, camphor, and menthol instead.

January 13, 2014

sensory sex

Your PT teacher may have convinced you to cover up your natural scent – but it may actually be one of the most powerful tools in your arousal arsenal. “There is some evidence that humans have pheromones,” says Dr Alan Hirsch, founder of the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation. “In one study, when a potential male pheromone was placed under chairs, females clumped in that area.”

So sweat together: exercise activates your apocrine glands, the site of pheromone release in primates, says Hirsch. Each woman reacts differently, but his research shows that musk can decrease vaginal blood flow; women may associate the scent with jerks. Instead, dust your bod in baby powder, which can elevate vaginal blood flow, or for a first date, wear eucalyptus, camphor, and menthol. “These scents increase empathy,” says Hirsch.