How to Stop Sweating After Your Workout
Stay cool and dry on your way from the gym to the office

June 6, 2016

Guy taking a shower

Squeezing a workout into your jam-packed day is only half the battle. You also have to figure out how to jet from the gym to your desk without showing up drenched in sweat.

Avoid being the sticky guy at the office with these tips from Mike Tipton, Ph.D., a thermoregulation expert at the University of Portsmouth in the U.K.

Control Your Shower Temperature

As soon as you finish your workout, jump in the shower and keep the water right below your body temperature. Hot temps just add to your heat load.

You might be tempted to take an ice blast, but frigid temperatures only temporarily cool you down, Tipton says. The blood vessels near your skin shut down, trap heat inside your body, and cause an outpouring of perspiration.

Wear Comfortable Clothing

Wear loose, light clothing after your shower to let your sweat evaporate, says Tipton. Cotton shirts are porous and let breezes in, which means sweat cools you down instead of soaking in your skin.

For an extra benefit, leave your shirt un-tucked until you get to the office.

Use the Right Hair Product

Ditch your usual styling gels. Instead, use an anti-humectant product that repels any excess moisture from your hair.

Cool Your Wrists

If you’re still struggling to keep your cool 20 minutes after your shower, stem the flow of sweat by holding your wrists under running cold water. Major blood vessels sit right near the surface, so you lose heat more rapidly, says Tipton.

Hydrate Your Skin (But Not Right Away)

Don’t slather on skin cream right after your shower; instead, wait 30 minutes until your temperature has settled.

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