Is Your Swimming Affecting Your Hair?
Don't let your workout in the pool affect your golden's advice from our expert

August 15, 2011

Q: I’m in a chlorinated pool for about 4 to 6 hours every day because of my job. What should I use on my hair and how often?

MH: Four to 6 hours a day in a chlorinated pool can do a number to your hair’s cuticle, its protective coat. The chemical also strips the natural oils (sebum) from the hair and scalp that normally keep them conditioned.

The best way to prevent continuous damage is to apply a conditioner to your hair (preferably a swimmer’s conditioner) and wear a swim cap. This will create a protective barrier from any water that may enter your cap and will also maintain proper moisture balance. Afterwards rinse using tap water and shampoo with a swimmer’s shampoo. In your case, this should be done daily to maintain proper hair balance. Pick a swimmer’s shampoo that contains sodium thiosulfate, which is used to neutralize chlorine and prevent hair discoloration, and follow up with a conditioner.