It’s All In The Prep
Struggling To Eat Healthy?

August 26, 2015

Crazy work schedules that are normally accompanied by heavy workloads, and fitting in time for your family, friends and your hobbies; sticking to a healthy diet could prove to be a difficult task.

Which makes grabbing fast-food so much more appealing as having to prepare something when you have an early meeting to attend or you have skipped lunch because of a late meeting; meaning you probably eating less healthy than your colleague.

A recent study, published in the Public Health Nutrition journal, researchers conducted a survey on college students and their eating habits. They found that those who prepared their meals at home and ate at regular intervals are healthier than their counterparts. They consumed more vegetables and fruits and steered away from the usual junk food and sugar-filled drinks.

However those who ate on the go or were occupied by watching TV, being on their phone or some other form of media that distracted them were most likely to eat unhealthy.

Although you may not be college students you lead busy lives and you want to eat healthy but struggling to find the time to prepare these meals? Here are a few suggestions that could help you,

Meal Prep

Before you can prepare your meals, you need to have make use of a ‘lil foresight. You should jot down the foods you want to cook and all the ingredients you need to make them. Once you have them, cook enough food which will last you up to two days and freeze it or refrigerate it. This will leave you with more ‘down time’ and you do not have to worry about preparing a meal since it’s done already.

Ring the Alarm

As much as you use your alarm to wake you up, informing you that it’s time to get up; you should also use it as a reminder to eat regularly. Think about the times that you generally get hungry throughout the day and set your alarm around that time, which will make sure you stop working and make time for you to eat.

Bye Bye T.V

Sometimes all you want to do after a long day is just sit in front of the TV with some good food and unwind but that could become dangerous. By watching TV you are distracted and do not pay close attention to how much food you are consuming, so try and refrain watching TV whilst eating. Added bonus: you get to interact and communicate with your partner, family or whomever you share your meals with.

Snack Off

Admit it; we all like to nibble on something especially when we working hard, but that does not mean you should be finishing off packets of chips and chocolates. Choose your snack items wisely by snacking on apples, nuts or protein bars.

Sources: Medical Daily