Make Your Own Medicine Ball
Turn an old basketball into an awesome piece of workout gear.

March 15, 2016

No need to spend six or seven hundred rand on a medicine ball when you could just make your own one by turning an old basketball into an awesome piece of workout gear.

All you’ll need is a old basketball, needle-nose pliers, a funnel, cement and fine-grain play sand.

Follow these four simple steps that the guys at Cape Crossfit have shared with us.

Step 1:

Use a pair of needle-nose pliers to remove the rubber plug from the basketball and set the plug aside.

Step 2:

Insert a funnel with a small tip that can fit into the air hole and then proceed to fill the ball with fine-grain play sand. A 20kg bag should fill three medicine balls.

Step 3:

Brush rubber cement in and around the rim of the air hole, then immediately plug the hole with the rubber stopper by using the needle -nose pliers to push in the stopper if needed.

Step 4:
Brush more cement over the stopper if needed and allow to dry.

Your ‘lil DIY medicine ball will work well for passing, catching or swinging exercises but it will not hold up when bounced against a wall or floor.

Simple, quick and easy plus who can forget the rands you’ll save; soon your friends will be asking whether you could make them one too.


– Alice Paulse