Man Vs MH with Henri Schoeman
Does Olympic triathlete Henri Schoeman have what it takes? We put him to the ultimate test.

October 27, 2016

Does Olympic triathlete Henri Schoeman have what it takes? We put him to the ultimate test.

This is MAN VS MEN’S HEALTH, where we pit celebrities, athletes, and the average joes against our do-anywhere, bodyweight-based workout challenge all to get their name on the coveted MH Leaderboard.

Here’s how it works:

-The Rules

The 5 tests must be performed for 1 minute each with a 15 second change-over, equalling 6 minutes in total. The order of the tests performed is completely up to the challenger. This is where strategy comes in.

The goal is to do as many ‘good’ reps as possible in the given time.
The final score is the total number of reps performed for all exercises added together.

– The Test

The test can be done anywhere and does not rely on any equipment. It is broken down into 5 tests that test all facets of fitness from upper body strength and explosiveness, leg strength and explosiveness, endurance, core, balance and flexibility. The tests are…

1. Pushups – our pushup of choice for the test is the hand-release pushup so that form and execution can be strictly monitored
2. Burpees – burpees are brutal and our version includes dropping to the floor, performing a push-up, springing back to feet and finally a jumping overhead clap.
3. Jumping Lunges – drop into a lunge/split squat with the trailing knee almost touching the ground, jump up and switch legs. Repeat.
4. Toe Touches – feet/legs can be placed flush against a wall or freestanding. Reach up using core and touch your toes. Shoulders must touch the ground at the bottom position.
5. Head Taps – difficult for many, this one is the game breaker and will most likely determine who sits atop the leaderboard. The handstand may be performed facing the wall or away. The tapping of the head must be performed in an alternating pattern.