7 Easy Tips To Declutter And Organise Your Closet, From Organisation Experts
You spend good money on your clothes. Treat them right. Use these de-cluttering tips from organisation experts to rearrange your closet.

July 20, 2022

man choosing a shirt

Opening a guy’s closet can feel like stepping into a warzone: A pile of dirty clothes waiting to go to the dry cleaner on the floor. Ties spilling out of an old shoebox. Belts littering the floor. Shirts crammed on hangers – most of them falling off.

You spend good money on your clothes. Treat them right. Use these de-cluttering tips from organisation experts to rearrange your closet. They’ll help keep your clothes lasting longer, and simplify your life every morning.

1. Organise by category, then colour

Hang your work and casual clothes in separate sections of your closet, says Monika Kerstens, Design Consultant at California Closets.

Leave enough space between these sections so you can clearly tell where your gym shirts end and your dress shirts begin. If you have limited space in a small closet, divide your two sections with a coloured dry cleaning bag.

You can even organise your closet by colour. Colour coordinating your hanging garments makes selecting an outfit quick and easy, says Erin Hogue, Senior Merchandising Director at The Container Store. Group all white button-down shirts together, then move on to shades of blue, etc.

Consider yourself a sneaker head? This shoe organiser will keep your sneakers protected while still having them on display.

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2. Don’t hide open hangers

Every time you take a shirt or pair of pants off a hanger, move that hanger to the front of your closet right away, says Barbara Reich, a professional organiser at Life Organized and author of Secrets of an Organized Mom. Not only will it be easier to find hangers when you need them, but your closet won’t feel as cramped, she says.

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3. Make sure all of your hangers look the same

You’ve probably collected multiple colours and types of hangers over the years, but consolidate to just one kind. When all of your hangers look alike, your eye immediately focuses on your clothes, Reich says.

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4. Take care of your accessories

We’re talking about your scarves belts, hats and neckties. You can use a door- or wall-mounted accessory rack. A rack will help your belts, hats and ties keep their shape better than if you just stuffed them in a drawer.

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The great thing about storage solutions is you can buy something and use it many different ways. If you don’t have the wall-space to mount an accessories rack, or you’re renting and can’t drill holes, or you just want something that’s less fixed, the scarf hanger below is a great option. You can use it for scarves, belts and ties.

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5. Use hooks

Install hooks on an empty closet wall or on the back of your closet door to hang your hats and other miscellaneous items, says Reich. Why not try a skyline wall hook like the one below?

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6. Upgrade your hamper

To defeat the pile of dirty clothes on your floor, use a hamper with three slots: one bag for light clothes, one bag for darks, and if you dry clean your clothes, a third bag meant for dry cleaning.

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7. Follow the one-year rule

This one is simple: If you haven’t worn an item within the last year, donate it, says Erin Hogue, the Senior Merchandising Director at The Container Store. Otherwise, it’s taking up valuable space – and you probably won’t miss it.

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