Outsmart Your Headache
The Key to Easing Your Agony

September 2, 2015

Be it a migraine or hangover, a headache is one of the most common nervous system disorders.

Trying to pin-point exactly what triggers that unrelenting pain that hits the inside of your skull like lightening along with the incessant pounding and vibration along your temples, could proof to be a daunting task and just annoy you even further.

98 % of people have reported experiencing the occasional headache, regardless of its sharp pain or dull pulsing sensation.

Ever wondered how many varieties of headaches there are? Surprisingly; there is a staggering 200, just waiting to pierce your noggin with pain and tension; although they hurt, they do not cause the brain any pain.

According to Medical Daily “looking closer at the anatomy of a headache, pain is felt through the nerves, blood vessels, and muscles that cover the head, neck, and other body parts. The nerves tell the brain its experiencing swelling, tightening, and other agitating pressure, and the brain communicates these through pain.

There are certain kinds of triggers that could set off pain, with some people experiencing acute headaches during sexual activity especially before reaching an orgasm or a gradual ache as sexual excitement begins to build within the body.

Let’s not forget about stress that could trigger tension headaches which is the most common type of headaches that adults experience.

Caffeine and alcohol are also associated with various types of headaches too; as caffeine or the lack there of could bring on characteristics of headaches displaying withdrawal symptoms whereas alcohol expands the blood vessels and increases duress around the skull.

Here is some bad news for you whom have allergies; you are 14 times more likely to experience migraines which are more painful and chronic.


“The histamines that build-up in the body as a reaction to the allergen causes blood vessels to shrink and create pressure”.

Hence why any changes in weather temperature, odours, light and even elevation can cause headaches.

You also have to be aware of certain foods like chocolate (that’s oh so good), potato chips, dairy products and artificial sweeteners can also have the same effect.

Another factor to keep in mind is that you should not slouch, sit too long or clench your jaw as it might lead to long-term headaches among other things.

Here are some stats that could help you outsmart any headache.

  • 47 % experienced a headache over the past year and 50 % have self-medicated theirs.
  • Only 40 % of migraine sufferers are professionally diagnosed.
  • 8% of sufferers claiming that their migraine does not interfere with their work.
  • Over 90% of adults have had or will have tension headaches.
  • Using over 200 mg (two-three cups of coffee) of caffeine can lead to headaches.
  • Aspartame, pizza, peanuts and bananas are all common triggers.

External factors that could trigger headaches:

  • Weather Changes- 73%
  • Odour- 64%
  • Bright/ Flickering Light- 59%
  • Extreme Temperatures- 38%
  • Elevation- 31%

This should equip you a ‘lil more on how to outsmart the agony of a headache.

Sources: Medical Daily

Alice Paulse