Prison Push-Up Blues #TeamWerner Week4
Werner uses his coach's infamous prison push-ups as a finisher AFTER his chest workout

June 10, 2016

This week was deadline week at the office, my car was out of action for a while and I had some family things to take care of. I really did my best to still kill my daily gym sessions and ace my diet, but sometimes it’s just not possible. It’s frustrating, but shit, it’s ok. I want to know that whatever my results from this challenge are, that they are results which I can sustain as a lifestyle and perfect over time. It’s about more than before & after. It’s about challenging my stamina, testing my determination and establishing the direction that I want my life to move in.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m still going to double up on training this weekend! If millions of men around the world can manage a fast paced world and have a six pack, then I have no excuse.

My muscles are always aching, I always have food in front of me and that is how I know this is going to work. At this moment, it’s my chest, hurts like bitch. This is partly because I do chest twice a week (see Wiehann van Wyk’s program in my week 1 blog post), and partly because of my trainer Wiehann’s infamous ‘Prison Push-ups’. Let me explain:

This circuit is done after your chest workout.

“Feel free to also do this as a finisher after any of your other workouts.” Says Coach Wiehann.

1)      Do Standard Floor Push Ups in increments of 1, starting with 1.

2)      After each incremented set of Push Ups, stand up as fast as you can and clap your hands over your head, really high, matching the amount of Push Ups you just did. Use straight arms, push your head forward, clapping with the backs of your hands touching, not the palms. So 1 Push Up = 1 Standing Clap, 2 Push Ups = 2 Standing Claps etc.

3)      Repeat this until you reach 10 reps of each.

Sound easy? Try it. It’s definitely one of my favourites.

This is Wiehann helping me finish my Prison Push Up rounds after a massive Chest workout. He’s literally pulling me back to starting position when I fall on my face.


5cm needs to be added to my Chest by September! This is not a joke.

Keep sending me your progress shots & questions: @wernerviln #teamWerner. Also pop into BUC Fitness Centre here in Cape Town, these guys know what they are talking about!