How To Make Delicious High Protein Ice Cream
Sick of protein shakes? Yeah, so are we.

October 4, 2017

Sick of protein shakes? Yeah, so are we. That’s why we wanted to share this simple recipe with you for chocolate high protein ice cream.

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While there are so many ways to make your own ice cream, this protein ice cream recipe is a tried and tested winner. You get protein, you get flavour but you avoid the guilt and high sugar content of ice creams you buy from the store.

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The great thing about this protein ice cream recipe is that if you’re not a big chocolate fan, you can sub it out for something else and make a different flavour. Just use nut butter, water and milk as a base. Want strawberry flavour? Add a scoop of strawberry flavoured protein powder. Want something that resembles a tin roof ice cream? Stir through nuts, marshmallows and sugar free dark chocolate before you freeze it.

You can even make it vegan by using almond milk and vegan-friendly protein powder.

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There are so many possibilities for what you can do with this protein ice cream recipe, you’ve just got to get creative. And then enjoy, guilt-free, of course!

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