Read This- If You Want That Number
How To Get ‘Her’ Number…

July 31, 2015

Do you suffer from stage fright when you about to approach a woman in hopes of walking back to your friends, with her number in your pocket? Worry no more, below are a few tips that could help you seal the deal…

You Should Get Her Number If…

• The two of you hit it off really well and you would like to see her again.
• Shared an ‘incredible connection’-did she find your jokes funny and vice versa, do you have many things in common and you find yourself wanting to learn more about her?
• Whilst talking to her, were you thinking about taking her out on a date?

You Should Not Get Her Number If…

You do not want to be that guy who gets the number of every woman he talks to and end up being not as interested in them, only the ones who you have established a ‘real’ connection with. Although she could be a good contact but if you looking for women to date, and then refrain from getting every woman’s number.

It is not just about using your time efficiently but also about being fair and upfront with women, as when you ask for her number even though you are not interested in her; she will assume you are and might just expect to hear from you. Especially when you use the old- ‘I would like your number so that we can be friends’ line.

How to Get Her Number?

According to Art of Charm website, following these simple steps works like a charm, so without further a due.

Don’t Ask for her number, yeah this had me at ‘how is a guy supposed to get it then’? However, you should casually tell her that you need her number so that you can hang out together sometime; of course she is interested in you so she will want to give her number to you. Like sit back and wait , kind of.

Do Not Wait until both of you are about to go your separate ways instead get her number when the conversation has reached a high point, as getting it right before you about to walk out; might look like you on a number collection spree.

Have Your Phone Handy which makes it easier for her to say yes when you ask for her number, ready for her to add it to your contact list; which leads us to the next point…

Hand Her Your Phone, why? So that she can physically put her number into your phone this is seen as putting it into her personal space. She will follow your cue and start entering her number into your phone.

Run Cool Date Ideas by her whilst she is busy entering the number into your phone, something that both of you will like and are interested in; take a cue from the conversation that you just shared. It also builds on the connection you’ve already created.

When Do You Text Her? Right away buddy, yeah I know women have this crazy rule about how soon they should call or text a guy but have you ever heard of “the early bird catches the worm”? So, do not wait instead go ahead and text her something flirtatious and cheeky like “Hey, its Dale with the nice eyes”. That way the ice is broken and she has your number.

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Alice Paulse