Reclaim Your Garage
Clear the clutter and organise your stuff – for good this time…

August 19, 2012

clear clutter

Clear the clutter and organise your stuff – for good this time…

Assess the mess

Pick a sunny morning to pull everything out of the garage and take inventory; you’ll immediately see what you no longer need. Make a garage sale pile (see below) for duplicates or items you haven’t used in at least three years. Make a separate pile for toxic or recyclable stuff – car batteries, old lawnmower petrol – and dispose of them responsibly. (Visit for more tips on green living.)

Zone your space

With the garage clear, try to visualise where the big things (workbench, mower) might fit. Also, designate areas for specific items you need regular access to – garden tools, for instance.

Freshen up

Hang pegs for small tools, and metal reels for hoses and cords. Treat the floor with a hardy grey paint. Make sure the finish is spill-proof, this will make cleaning up easier. Visit for advice on  the correct product for  your project.

Mobilise your gear

Pull out a black marker 
and make a label for any box or bin with contents that are not immediately apparent. Place large items (cabinets, plastic bins) on plywood moving dollies. Mobility allows you to easily adjust the layout of  the space if you need to. Now invite your pals over 
to show off.