Run A Good Meeting
Running a good meeting means using the right words at the 
right time, says 
Dr Heidi Gardner, assistant professor at Harvard Business School. Follow her lead

October 20, 2014

Meet like you mean it.

Here’s how to run a good meeting.

Keep It Flowing
The more pressured your team, the more likely people are to clam up. Agree on the specifics of what each person should deliver, and don’t allow the team to enforce an office hierarchy. Make everyone feel valued by reminding them of the overarching goal.

Bad: “Pipe down – we don’t want to be here all night!”
Better: “Let’s accomplish three things today…”

Stay Idea-focused
Don’t involve yourself in 
interpersonal conflicts. 
Focus on the content, not the contributor. You’ll avoid playing favourites or taking sides. Remember, your goal is to find solutions, not to play referee.

Bad: “Alex is right and Jonathan’s wrong.”
Better: “This idea is important for the project; the other isn’t as critical in this case.”

Hold Folks Accountable
Ask for input across the board. This holds everyone responsible for their work and gives you insight on progress and new ideas. It may also reveal if something else is going on that might be shutting people down.

Bad: “Anybody else have anything to say? No? Good!”
Better: “We’ve heard from Jonathan, Lerato and Jessica but not Alex yet. Alex, what’s your view on this?”