Seven Best Hair Solutions For Men
Tame the savage jungle all over your body with these tips and tools.

February 8, 2012

Tame the savage jungle all over your body with these tips and tools.


Tools Hair trimmer, hand-held mirror

Upkeep: Every three to four weeks (or whenever your girlfriend starts making gorilla jokes).

If you have a willing girlfriend, set a hair trimmer on the lowest setting and have her mow against the grain. It has an extra large trimming comb to quickly trim hair in large areas like the chest, legs, back and shoulders. If you’re solo, stand in front of a mirror and use the hand mirror to see the reflection of your back.


Tool Hair trimmer

Upkeep: Every two to three weeks

If you like chest hair that’s about half a centimetre or slightly longer but well managed and neat, then trimming your hair is the perfect answer, according to Carol Boag of Glass-house Rejuvenation For Men. But, for first-time trimming, start a little longer so that the change doesn’t feel or appear too drastic. You can always go shorter the next time you’re pruning.


Tools Razor, hand-held mirror

Upkeep: For a clean, bald look, every one to three days

After showering, massage preshave oil onto your head and follow it with shaving cream. Imagine that your head is divided into quadrants. Start with a sharp multiblade razor on the front quadrants – it’s easier that way and you’ll feel more in control, says Delin Naude, creative director at Palladium Hair Co. For the trickier back quadrants, employ the same mirror combination used


Tools Hair trimmer, hand-held mirror

Upkeep: Every two weeks

A man looks sloppy with more than five millimetres of growth on his neck. Trim the base of your neck and move upwards in short movements (so you don’t accidentally cut into your natural hairline).


Tool Tweezers

Upkeep: Every two to four weeks

Unibrows, begone! Using your thumb and a finger, hold the skin between your brows taut. Aim the tweezers at the base of a hair and pull it out swiftly. That way the hair won’t break and you’ll minimise the sting.


Tool Nose trimmer

Upkeep: As needed

Nose hairs prevent dirt from entering your mucous membranes, so take it easy. Stand in front of a large mirror and squeeze your nose. If you see hair, snip the hair’s tip with a hair trimmer.


Tool Hair trimmer

Upkeep: As needed

Don’t risk jabbing this tender region with a sharp implement when a trimmer will breeze through your jungle safely. You want to maintain the area while preventing unsightly and uncomfortable razor burn. Aim to leave about two centimetres of hair and don’t pretend you’ve never estimated length down there before.