Sex And Smarter Decisions? You’re Better Off Doing It Hungry
A Hungry Man Is An Angry Man…In Most Cases.

August 5, 2016

We all know how cranky a man can get when he’s hungry. It makes almost any situation a whole lot worse. Don’t even get us started with drinking on an empty stomach. Surely you need to keep the old fuel-wagon topped up? Apparently not according to studies.


According to Medical Daily, digestion takes a lot of energy and blood, two things crucial for a man’s performance in bed. When a man eats a big meal, blood that he needs to produce an erection gets sent to the stomach instead a US study suggests. While sex on a full stomach isn’t impossible (as I’m sure most men have learned through experience,) scientifically speaking, your erection could be bigger and last longer with that little bit of extra blood.

A full stomach is likely to mess with a woman’s sex drive as well. It can leave her feeling bloated, immobile, and most definitely not sexy. It’s best to put off any late-night romance until well after dinner.


Researchers at Yale School of Medicine published a study in 2006 after finding evidence that hunger helps students learn better.

Well, to be more specific, it’s not hunger but the hormone produced by an empty stomach that stimulates the higher brain functions of spatial learning and memory development.

“Based on our observations in animal models, a practical recommendation could be that children may benefit from not overeating at breakfast in order to make the most out of their morning hours at school,” explained lead author of the study, Dr. Tamas L. Horvath, in the press release. The study even went on to link the rise in obesity to the fall in academic performance.

Moreover recent Dutch research found. According to Men’s Health, “Study participants who fasted before taking a series of tests made winning choices 50 percent of the time, compared with only 40 percent of the time for folks who ate a meal beforehand.” Study author Denise de Ridder, PhD, told the magazine: “Being hungry may make you think less and act more on impulse.” Unlocking your intuitive thinking might help you make the right decision.