Siv Ngesi On Grabbing Opportunities
When You See A Gap, Do You Take It?

January 16, 2014

Siv Ngesi

A lot of comedians don’t do stuff on race any more, because they’re like, “I’m so over that…” But race comedy is my thing. 
I talk about race a lot 
in my shows. That’s my gap in the market, and I’m taking it. You’ve got to take the gaps when you see them.
When I played 
rugby at school I played flank, but I’d often run the ball at centre. I couldn’t help myself. If there was a gap, I was going to take it. The thing is, sometimes you have to create your own opportunities, because there may not be any… and other times your ego will tell you there’s a gap, but actually there isn’t. When you look back, you’ll definitely see there were opportunities that you missed. There will be things you could’ve done differently. But you can’t spend time dwelling on regrets. You have to take 
your chances, and 
then learn from your 
mistakes. I’ve failed more times than I can count. But that doesn’t really matter.
The other day I was watching rugby and Jonny Wilkinson scored a drop goal. After the game, he 
was asked about it 
and his answer was: “Yeah, but I’ve missed many more.”

– Siv Ngesi