Sole Searching
Five style must-haves to wear this season, for both serious and casual affairs

October 7, 2013

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(From top to bottom)

The Rugged One
He’s rugged, but he’s also refined. The scuffing detailing looks like he’s lived in them. He’s definitely taking you to a steakhouse, but he’ll also open the car door for you once you arrive.
Lace up shoes R1 299 Aldo

The Creative
He wears slim-fitting, 
tailored suits like The Beatles wore in the Sixties. This is someone you’d have a great time with. He’s spontaneous and will whisk his girlfriend away on impromptu trips to romantic locations.
Monk strap shoes R2 800 
J. Wilton at Aliverti

The Brain
He’s a bit of an intellectual, but he also knows how to have fun. He probably likes to 
speed around in a hunter green British racing car with a 
tan leather interior.
Brogues R850 

The Big Star
This guy is a bit of 
a rocker. He might 
not look too much 
like he cares, but he does. He’s complex and interesting. His style staples include long hair and plenty 
of scruff.
Lace up shoes R299 
Jordan Shoes

The Cool Boss
There’s more to this man than meets the eye. He has to maintain a certain presence 
in the room and commands respect, but 
he also has an artistic side. He’s going to 
surprise a woman 
and take her away 
to somewhere secluded for a 
weekend break.
Ankle boots R1 499 
Levi’s Footwear