Sponsored: 4 Ways To Take The Unsure Out Of Insurance
Unsure about your insurance? Not good enough.

February 1, 2017

Unsure about your insurance?

Your belongings are important to you – and your insurance cover should be as solid as the stuff it protects. Dialdirect understands that their customers pay for certainty – and that if you can’t understand the terms of your insurance, you won’t trust your insurer. You’ve read the terms and double- checked the fine print, but chances are there is a lot you still don’t understand about your own cover – what is insured, for how much, and under what conditions. Dialdirect makes sure you have all the information you need at all times, so you’ll never be unsure about your own insurance.

Still need convincing? Here are just four ways Dialdirect takes the unsure out of insurance:

1. Update your address online or via the app:

Did you know that a change in address can influence your insurance premiums – and your claims payout too? This information is key in determining your risk, and you will need to update any changes immediately. Dialdirect make it easy for you  to update your address on the website or from the app.  This can be done 24/7/365, you don’t have to wait for office hours to update this critical and important change.

2. Helpful agents and online chat:

Dialdirect offers dedicated consultants available to assist with any queries you might have.  Agents are available online via an online chat facility or you can dial in and speak to a consultant who will assist you.

3. Scheduled dial backs:

Because sometimes you can only schedule your personal admin at a certain time of the day, Dialdirect allows customers to request a specific time for them to dial you back, when it suits you.

4. Notification of outstanding documents: 

Should you have any missing documents that might affect the validity of your cover, Dialdirect sends you notifications to inform you.  These documents include a tracking device certificate or inspection certificate.  Because you shouldn’t have to wait until something goes wrong to find out that you’re not covered due to a missing inspection certificate.


For all the clarity you need, insure without the unsure with Dialdirect – dialdirect.co.za

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