Survive Airport Hell
These tactics might actually help make your flight delays fun!

October 31, 2014

Grab Some Juice
You don’t have to elbow up to a public charging station if you bring your own power source like Mophie’s Juice Pack Air (R499, Charge your devices only to about 80%; that final 20% drains your back-up battery faster.

Catch Some Z’s
If the airport has no benches, look for a row of chairs without armrests. Use your carry-on bag as a pillow or stuff a shirt with other clothes. Block out the lights with your sunglasses and potential thieves won’t be able to tell if you’re asleep. Then, before your flight, clean up in the bathroom with some wet wipes.

Join the Clubs
If you aren’t a frequent flyer (which means you’ll automatically get all the perks), think about changing banks. FNB customers qualify for the Slow Lounge, where you’ll get Wi-Fi, snacks and access to a spa. If that sounds like too much of a mission, keep busy in the airport by scavenger hunting. Geocaches are small containers left in GPS-traceable spots that include logbooks you can sign and trinkets to exchange (

Fuel Up
Plan ahead for hunger. Cynthia Sass, a sports nutritionist, suggests wholewheat crackers, biltong, nuts and seeds, and dried fruits and vegetables. “They’re packable and provide a spectrum of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants,” she says. They’ll not only keep you energised, but also – unlike a muffin – keep your blood sugar steady. To make the most of chain-restaurant fare, choose grilled chicken, hummus or greens topped with tuna mayo. “Mayonnaise is simply eggs, oil and vinegar, so it’s healthier than processed meats and fatty cheeses,” Sass says.