The Healthy Chicken Curry Recipe To Make For Curry Night
3770 fewer kilojoules makes this your better chicken curry recipe

June 19, 2014

healthy chicken curry on a plate with cucumber and rice

Everyone loves curry night, it’s a fact. Whether you’re more of a chicken korma guy or you’re willing to tackle a vindaloo, there’s something seriously comforting about eating a curry. But the likelihood that you’re shovelling in a healthy chicken curry? Very unlikely.

That’s because most Indian restaurants cook curry in ghee (clarified butter), one portion of which has (a crazy) 50g of saturated fat.

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But it’s easier to make your own healthy chicken curry and we’re going to show you exactly how. You can make a healthy masala that tastes just as good using one bit of prep: leave sliced chicken in a ziplock bag with yoghurt and lemon juice overnight. Then, when cooking, fry it in masala paste, adding low-fat coconut milk. Finally, switch rice for cauliflower: “Pulse six florets in a processor for 10 seconds,” says nutritionist Christine Bailey. It comes out like rice but with no carby glycaemic load.

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In fact, switching rice for cauliflower rice is a hack you can use to lower your carb intake. All you need is your own food processor to make your own cauliflower rice, which ends up being a lot cheaper than just buying cauliflower rice from the shops.

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And maybe you’re wondering, is it really worth making my own curry when I can just pick up the phone and order one. Well, the answer is definitely! Your local takeaway joint’s curry can have around 5 842 Kilojoules (1401 calories). But the MH chicken curry contains 2 1 35 Kilojoules (512 calories). That’s right – 3770 fewer kilojoules makes this your better chicken curry recipe!

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Consider this the healthy revamp your curry night needed. Plus, the fact that you can make a restaurant-quality curry will seriously impress whoever is dining at your table, whether it’s your parents, your mates or your partner.