Download The Total-Body Workout That The Blitzbokke Use To Prepare For Sevens Tournaments
Add these moves from the South African Seven's training routine to build match-winning speed, power and strength

June 3, 2011

Silhouette of player catching a rugby ball in stadium blitzbokke

Sevens ain’t for softies. The fitness requirements for this frenetic, impact-heavy sport are high. The Blitzbokke players run the game at full tilt, tackling fast, unfriendly opponents that can weigh over 100kg before getting back on their feet to wrestle a turnover. And they do this repeatedly until the final whistle blows. To succeed at this level, the players need a potent mix of explosive power, speed and cardiovascular stamina.

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That’s where Allan Temple-Jones, their strength and conditioning coach, comes in. This is his programme, and it’s filled with compound movements, drop sets and functional moves. The good news for you? You can use their programme as a cheat sheet, earning all the same physical benefits that the Blitzbokke do.

To download the workout, click HERE.