The Dangerous Skinny On Jeans
Are you willing to pay the price of your manhood just for fashion? Skinny or too tight jeans may cause problems with your most valued possession, your nuts.

November 25, 2014

Are men paying the price for fashion?

Many health experts say that testicular problems in young men are on the rise. These health problems are being reported a lot by tight jean wearers. During a survey of 2000 British men undertaken by the company TENA, they found that one in every ten men experienced unpleasant side effects from wearing skinny and too tight jeans. There are many dangers that stem from trying to squeeze yourself into these tight fashionable statements. They have been linked to low sperm counts, urinary tract infections, bladder weakness, fungal infections and most painfully twisted testicles.

“Wearing tight-fitting clothing over a prolonged period of time can lead to urinary tract infections leading to over-activity of the bladder – a type of bladder weakness as well as a low sperm count and fungal infections,” says medical expert, Dr Hilary Jones.

From the survey around 40% of the men reported to sacrifice their comfort for style. One quarter of the survey experienced a bladder problem and one fifth had a twisted testicle due to wearing skinny jeans. When there is no room to move in the jeans, the spermatic cord that holds the testicles in place can twist around the testicle – known as testicular torsion. This cuts of the blood supply and can lead to men needing immediate surgery to avoid any permanent damage to the crown jewels.

“My advice would be to make sure you leave plenty of room around the groin area and that your pants and trousers feel comfortable so you’re not being restricted in any way,” says Jones

Check out the video below with a funny take on why skinny jeans is a big ‘no-no’. Remember, the price of fashion should not cost you your manhood. It will also help if you know your correct jean size, which the survey found that one third of the men didn’t.

Here are some ways to Protect Your Sperm. Don’t forget to always get checked up or you can Examine Your Testicles on your own to keep healthy.