The Rubber Of The Future
“Next Generation” Condom…

August 6, 2015

We have heard about the spray on condom concept called ‘Girlplay’ which was invented by a Pratt Institute design student Michele Chu, which could be sprayed directly onto the vagina or penis.

Now we have the “Next Generation” hydrogel condom which was developed by a research team at the University of Wollongong’s Intelligent Polymer Research Team.

This invention could signal the end of latex condoms due to the protection it offers and the soft, squishy skin- like material.

Not only does it decrease the risk of unplanned pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases but also delivers Viagra. Co- creator, Robert Gorkin, says that “unlike the latex condom, the hydrogel condom doesn’t feel like a rubber glove, and it can actually enhance safe sex.”

The team hopes that by developing a feel good condom it will change people’s outlook on safe sex, and promote using condoms during sex. This design uses clear, soft plastic which makes it almost invisible to the touch is an advancement for sexual health. Do not mistake its soft design for flimsy as it can withstand the strength and permeability of the mainstream latex condoms.

Definitely pushing the boundaries of modern day technology, the team are also looking at ways to embed HIV drugs within the material of the condom as well as chemicals that could enhance sexual pleasure.

If you wondering whether this skin-like condom can handle these features, Robert Gorkin said.

“It’s more feasible with a hydrogel condom because it would have the ability to contain agents within the material which are then released with sexual activity. With latex, on the other hand, lubricant only coats the outside.”

However there may be some reservations about a self-lubricating condom that could deliver a small dose of Viagra to the wearer as it normally takes half an hour to kick in; it could be something to look out for as Gorkin says the estimated price will probably be similar to that of the regular latex condom.

Rubber of the future or not? Either way; you decide.

Source: Medical Daily

Alice Paulse