The Three Moves That Will Get You Ready To Surf Like A Pro
Use these moves to get your body ready to tame the mighty surf.

January 21, 2019

man walking on the beach abs with surfboard in summer surf like a pro

Want to surf like a pro? Surfing can be a difficult feat to conquer and you need to train your body in a different way than standing still and pushing weights. It’s all about flexibility, mobility and stamina and strength when it comes to surfing. These three moves will get you on the board and having a ball!

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The Heaven and Earth Lunge

(warms up hips, groin, glutes, legs, shoulders)

Step forwards with your left foot and put your right hand down in line with it. Reach for the instep of your left leg with your left elbow, then move that arm outside your left foot. As you push down, point your left foot up Repeat 5 times, alternating feet.

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Stability Ball Push-Up

(builds chest power and torso stability)

Do a push-up with your hands on a stability ball, feet on the floor. Your fingers should be pointed down the sides of the ball and ankles, hips and shoulders in a straight line. Lower until your chest touches the ball, keeping your elbows in. Do 2 sets of eight reps.

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Pillar Bridge With Arm Lift

(strengthens hips, torso and shoulders)

Get into a plank, supporting yourself with your forearms and balls of your feet. Without moving your torso, extend your left arm in front of you until parallel to the floor. Hold for two seconds, then switch arms. Repeat 8 times.