Urinal Etiquette Every Man Should Know
Urinal rules for men to live by

May 9, 2014

Positioning Control

If you are the first to a row of urinals, choose the one furthest from the door. If you are in second, go to the opposite end and so forth. Next, go for the middle. Try and leave at least one urinal gap between users.

No Musical Accompaniment

Includes, singing, humming or whistling.

Avoid Small Talk

A nod or a quiet ‘alright’ is acceptable. Chitchat just makes it awkward.

Watch The Splash Zone

Be careful not to mess neighbours and yourself. Take it easy with the stream

Beware The Over-shake

Just a small jiggle should do the job. It’s not a wrestling match.

Overstaying Your Welcome

It’s annoying to be waiting for a urinal to become free and some guy stands there zipping, belting, tucking, the whole spiel and not peeing. This is a waste of time and just plain inconsiderate. Step away from urinal before attempting the pack away and before you head out of the bathroom.

No Spitting

This is obvious.

Don’t Go Hands-Free

Like driving or riding a bike, you’ve got way more control with both hands.

Look Straight Ahead, Soldier

Don’t try stealing a glance at your neighbour’s goods just because of curiosity. It’s not cool.

If you suffer from stage fright, skip the urinal and use a cubicle.

Don’t forget to wash your hands after you go. Cleanliness above all else.