These Small Weight Loss Changes Helped This Guy Lose His Gut
At 11kg lighter, Ettienne van der Merwe is a new man – but it wasn’t an easy journey. Here's how he went about losing weight.

April 3, 2014

fit guy standing and flexing his muscle after losing a lot of weight

At 11kg lighter, Ettienne van der Merwe is a new man – but it wasn’t an easy journey. “A major challenge was leaving the germorskos – the fast food – and switching back to fish and chicken,” he says. He hit a wall in the first month but powered through it. “I was very tired in the first three weeks. I didn’t have energy to go to the gym but I pushed through every day and after a while it got better.”

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Ettienne van der Merwe, 29, Pretoria, Financial Manager

Weight: 11kg | Waist: 14cm | Chest: 8cm


“Have a goal, stick with it and push through,” he advises. “It’s not a quick fix. It’s hard work, it’s commitment and it’s willpower. This is literally a new lifestyle that you have to live. You don’t do it for the 12 weeks and then stop.

“My self-image is through the roof, I’ve got more energy. It’s not a body change, it’s a mental change, and there are a lot of health benefits to that.”

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V/D Merwe’s Top Tips

1. Boost Your Immunity
“When you’re losing weight, it’s very important to take your multivitamins, protein and amino acids. This helps you build your strength and you can go back to the gym quicker.”

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2. Lift And Burn
In his training routine, Van der Merwe mixed weights and cardio. “Weights were the most important for me.” His go-to moves are leg raises and pull-ups. “They work your entire body.”

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3. Small Changes, Big Gains
Make small adjustments to your life, he advises. “Park further away from the gym so you have to walk there, put one less sugar in your tea, drink a glass of water when you wake up, drink green tea… It’s small changes that don’t take a lot of energy to do and you’ll see great results from them.”