The Ultimate A – Z Guide Of Sex Toys For Men
Think sex toys are for women? There’s a treasure trove of gadgets designed for your pleasure too – and they come with doc-approved health benefits

August 4, 2022

sex toys for men to use

Think sex toys are for women? You’re mistaken. There are tons of sex toys for men – and they come with doc-approved health benefits. So make you way through the alphabet and find out everything you need to know as well as which toys should be making their way into your sexual repertoire.

The MH A – Z Guide Of Sex Toys For Men

A = Air

The hourglass shape of the Tenga AirTech Reusable Vacuum Masturbator makes this a handy tool (even with um, slippery hands). Slip inside it and you’ll be welcomed by the flexible material, but it’s the air chambers on the outside of the sleeve that sets it apart. They help increase the vacuum sensation by allowing for the air to flow round easier, enhancing sensations. Plus, the inner sleeve is removable and washable. Beats your socks.

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B = Bow Tie

Touch of bondage to spice up that dull cousin’s wedding you’ve been invited to? Wear this bondage bow tie to the event, then get her to sneak away with you so you can unveil its other qualities.

[buy_button img=”” url=”” description=”Fifty Shades Darker His Rules Bondage Bow Tie” price=”300″ title=”Buy Now” alignment=”row”][/buy_button]

C = Cock Rings

They’ve been around for over two thousand years, but the original materials such as ivory and jade have made way for more rewarding substances. And according to the 2017 Désir Intimate Collection Sex Toy Report, cock rings were the third favourite sex toy after vibrators and lingerie.

Don’t know where to start? Hot Octopuss’ Atom Plus is the world’s first penis ring with dual integrated motors, that enable intense perineum stimulation on top of everything you’ve come to know and love about cock rings.

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The Satisfyer Couples Rocket Ring Vibrator glides easily onto the base, keeping you harder for longer while delivering some pretty heady vibrations. Plus, it has a one-size-fits-all fit, 10 powerful programs and is completely waterproof.

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D = Designer

The artsy Tenga Aero needn’t be hidden in your sock drawer. It is that pretty. It’s a newly developed masturbator that features a convenient dial structure so you can self-control the suction and create the perfect strength of vacuum and tightness.

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E = Erogenous Zones

Yes, you have more than one. The head and shaft of the penis, testicles, perineum, anus and prostate are all sexy spots. And if you’re wanting to know 10 erogenous zones you should be touching, head here.

F = Foreplay

Women don’t only love it, they need it to get to the finish line. Here’s an option that doesn’t require any hard work from you. The We-Vibe Jive is a remote/app-controllable egg vibrator that can be used in public for secret foreplay.

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G = Google

You’re an inquisitive bunch. South Africans had the third highest search volume for sex toys in the world in 2016, according to Google.

H = Headsets

Headsets are the new handjobs. If you’re a VR porn virgin, Naughty America offers experiences with “performers” you can interact with by attaching your phone to a headset.

I = Ipad

Turns out your tablet can deliver a lot more fun than Need For Speed. Fleshlight has designed a frame that you can place your iPad into, with a space to insert a toy, thus transforming your screen into an interactive playmate.

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J = Jiggle

Your nipples are an untapped hotspot. Time to accessorise them to reap the benefits. Adjustable nipple clamps – like the Fifty Shades Of Grey The Pinch Adjustable Nipple Clamps – are perfect for beginners or pros.

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K = Kegels

There’s a solid reason you want to encourage her to do kegel exercises to tighten her pubococcygeus (PC) muscles, the lovely chaps that are responsible for the contractions she feels during climax. She’ll thank you for this G-Vibe G Balls2 App-Controlled Vibrating Kegel Balls that is her own personal sex-fitness coach.

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L = Lubricant

Let’s talk anal play. It can be like spicy food. It hurts, but it’s good. If you’re ready to go there (and check out P to see why you should), then a desensitising lubricant will help ease you into the experience. Massaging it on your rim won’t numb it, but will help you relax. Experts recommend that if you are using a silicon toy, use a water-based lubricant rather than a silicon based one to avoid the material deteriorating.

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M = Make Your Own

Ready to clone your penis? It’s no secret that 3D printers are going to change our lives in unimaginable ways. A particularly hot project called DilDIY is working on a programme enabling you to recreate, customise and print your prick.

N = Neutral

As in gender neutral. The Mystery Vibe Crescendo is a serious multitasker. You can twist it, bend it, fold it, curve it—whatever you want, basically. Both ends are sealed so you can go for double insertion (if you’re into that), the vibration settings range from low to intense to stimulate sensitive genital areas, and it’s totally waterproof. It’s perfect for her, him, her and him, him and him, her and her, and every other combination possible.

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O = Orgasm

Want to know how to power yours up? Anal beads (try the friendly looking Flexi Felix Anal Chain if you’re new to this) are easy to insert, but it’s their exit that serves up surprises. Ask your partner to gently pull it out as you come and prepare to see stars.

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P = P-Spot

Hello bum fun. Prostate massagers are curved to reach the P-spot and massage it. Some also massage the perineum for extra stimulation. Try the Rocks Off Naughty Boy Prostate Stimulator or the Fifty Shades Of Grey Delicious Fullness Vibrating Butt Plug.

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Q = Question

How big am I? We’ve all wondered how we size up, and now you have a dependable tool to help you figure out. The Condom Size app explains how to measure your girth and length, then allows you to see how you rate on a global scale (Android and iOS).

R = Rabbit

The rabbit is one of the most well-known toys you could add to your collection and use on your partner. Lovehoney’s Happy Rabbit Thrusting Realistic Rabbit Vibrator can add a new dimension to your sex life. Use it on your partner during foreplay and watch them enjoy the thrusting element of this rabbit vibrator.

[buy_button img=”” url=”” description=”Lovehoney Happy Rabbit Thrusting Realistic Rabbit Vibrator” price=”1 989″ title=”Buy Now” alignment=”row”][/buy_button]

S = Strap-On

Put her in the driving seat for a change with the Body Extensions Be Bold Strap On. Strap-ons are muscling their way into relationships, confirms Dr Careen Rascher, Sexual Medicine Specialist at the My Sexual Health clinic in Bryanston, but warns “there has to be preexisting trust and intimacy before experimenting with such sex play.”

[buy_button img=”” url=”” description=”On Set Body Extensions Be Bold 20cm 2 Piece Strap” price=”2 199″ title=”Buy Now” alignment=”row”][/buy_button]

T = Teledildonics

If you’ve been looking for an excuse to buy an Apple watch, the Lovense Lush Remote Control Vibrator may convince you. You can control the toy using your watch long distance. So that business trip you’ve got planned shouldn’t be a prob – in fact it’s bound to put a smile on your partner’s face. Even better, take your play outside. They can “wear” this little masterpiece while you enjoy a romantic dinner. Checking your watch for messages could double as an opportunity to send a little thrill their way. You won’t last till dessert.

[buy_button img=”” url=”” description=”Lovense Lush 3 App Controlled Vibrating Egg” price=”3 899″ title=”Buy Now” alignment=”row”][/buy_button]

U = Uploads

With the Fleshlight VStroker Virtual Sex System, your laptop or PC becomes a sex coach. By transmitting info you generate using a masturbator you are able to work with a “sexy instructor” that will push you to perform and satisfy.

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V = Viagra

While Viagra is sometimes used recreationally to achieve longer erections, you shouldn’t dabble with the blue pill unless you truly need it. “PDE5 inhibitors can be dangerous if used when you have certain medical conditions, or in combination with certain prescription medication and recreational drugs, including nitrites,” warns Dr Rascher. If you are using “Viagra” not prescribed by a doctor you may get contaminated tablets or incorrect dosages, she warns.

W = Washing

You’ve eaten the meal, so you need to wash the dishes, dude. Keep your toys hygienic (and extend the shelf life) by using a toy cleaner such as the anti-bacterial Pjur Med 2-in-1 Clean Spray.

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X = X-tra Big

Think of a penis pump as Crossfit for your dick. They can be used for both penis enlargement or to help with erectile dysfunction. The Bathmate Hydro7 Beginners Hydrotherapy Penis Pump is designed to increase both the girth and length of the penis, it can be used in the bath or shower by making use of a vacuum that draws blood into the penis, which creates a larger and longer-lasting erection, while the water assists with blood flow.

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Y = Yes!

Over 76% of South Africans have said yes to having used a sex toy.

Z = Zoo Collection

Is it a bird, is it a plane? Nope, the Manta Ray Smart Luxury Stroker from the Zoo Collection gives you a Big 5 experience by simply wrapping it around your shaft. The fleshy, textured sensation gives a real feel as you glide it up and down, but you get more bang for your er, buck, using the app on your phone. It responds to music, video and voice and provides a draw option, allowing you to drag your finger on your screen, putting you in charge of the finish line.

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