Toxic Replacement
Emissions from E-Cigarette aerosols and flavourings damage lung cells and are suggested to be a toxic replacement for tobacco products

February 9, 2015

Do they help people quit smoking?

Have you recently made the switch to an E-Cig for the New Year in order to combat your harmful smoking habit? Well a new study suggests that E-Cigarettes are just a toxic replacement for tobacco products and could be just as harmful to your body, maybe worse.

The University of Rochester conducted a study to examine how the emissions from E-Cigarette flavours and aerosols damage lung cells through the process of creating harmful free radicals and inflammation of the lung tissue.

The danger starts off right in the beginning when the E-Cigarettes heating element is activated, which has been designed to transform the liquid solution into a vapor that looks and feels like cigarette smoke. These vapors, which are inhaled, contain heavy metals and other possible carcinogens in the form of nanoparticles. Nano, meaning very tiny particulate matter, allows these particles to reach farther into lung tissue, cell systems and the blood stream.

Another finding from the study that was published in the journal PLOS ONE is that certain flavouring liquids used in the E-Cig like cinnamon in particular can cause more stress and higher toxicity levels on lung tissue. The researchers in a lab observed this where they exposed human lung cells to E-Cig vapour aerosols and it released various inflammation biomarkers.

They also examined mice that were exposed to E-Cigarettes with the classic tobacco flavour and found that they demonstrated the signs of pulmonary inflammation.

“Several leading medical groups, organizations, and scientists are concerned about the lack of restrictions and regulations for e-cigarettes,” says Irfan Rahman, lead researcher. “Our research affirms that e-cigarettes may pose significant health risks and should be investigated further. It seems that every day a new e-cigarette product is launched without knowing the harmful health effects of these products.”

Other risk factors that are associated with vaping and E-Cigarettes are the toxic metals and oxidants it creates which have increased safety concerns as well as potential pollution hazards. This can be seen through second hand smoke exposures and waste products from the disposal of E-Cigarettes. Young people are at a higher risk and have been connected to contracting respiratory infections from E-Cig vapors according to another recent study.

Manufacturers normally do not disclose every single piece of material or chemical used to make the E-Cig and liquid needed for it. Without this information or studies based on long-term use, consumers have very limited information about the dangers of E-Cigarettes especially towards their own health and the environment.

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