Tricks To Look Taller
With the exception of a Danish friend of mine who is 6 foot 7 (no joke!), most guys I know wish they were taller. Why?

September 9, 2011

Studies suggest that the height blessed make more money, score hotter babes and may be poised for positions of power. In fact, the average American male is only about 5 foot 9.

I recently talked talked with Alan Au, client relations manager at Jimmy Au’s For Men 5′8″ and Under, a legendary custom operation that outfits much of Hollywood. They have worked on major shows and motion pictures. (Law and Order, Parks and Recreation, Modern Family, Grey’s Anatomy, House and True Blood, to name a few). Au shared with me a few great tips on how a guy can create the illusion of height. Check these out:

Tailor your clothes

An inch of extra fabric doesn’t sound like much of a problem on pants or a shirt, but a tiny inch can look very different on a guy who is six feet tall versus one who’s five foot seven. A perfect fit will keep your proportions in balance and your silhouette streamlined.

Choose the right pattern

Stripes elongate your frame probably more than any other pattern. The trick is to make sure the stripes are proportioned to your frame size. A very wide stripe on a slender frame can actually make you look smaller. When it comes to plaids and checks, stick to smaller ones. Big patterns will swallow you up.

Avoid low rises

Trousers and jeans worn as close as possible to your natural waistline (without looking nerdy) will make your legs look longer. If you’re in the market for new pants, look for a regular rise and avoid low rises, which will make shorten the look of your legs.

Pick one color

Wearing a monochromatic outfit visually creates a longer line from shoulder to toe. Find out what suit pattern can make you look taller and slimmer.

Keep the bottom darker than the top

If you wear more than one color, make sure your pants are always darker than your shirt. Lighter colors worn on the bottom will shift the attention down to your feet and make your bottom half look shorter and heavier.

Skinny lapels flatter small frames.

If you have a broad chest (around size 44), you can wear a wider lapel. Anything size 40 or smaller should stick to thinner lapels. The moment your lapel is too big, then your shoulder looks too narrow. Conversely, a skinny lapel on a broad guy will make him look like a square block.

Keep the focus up

Bring attention up to your shoulders with a colorful pocket square or bowtie. Military details like epaulets bring the attention up, away from your feet.