Want More Sex? Follow These 4 Simple Steps
Put your nerdy glasses on and take notes. These tips will help you carry her to your place (you've been lifting, right?)

October 14, 2016

woman lying on a bed naked on her phone

You won’t get it right the first time every time. We all learn this sooner or later. Make sure you learn sooner to stay a step ahead of the pack.

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Go On A Second Date If You Didn’t Feel The Sparks The First Time

Yes, it is worth it. For one thing, you’re bound to have a better time. On that first date, she may have been holding back; women in particular are taught early on not to talk to strangers. So if the first date rated a 7, call her back, and be observant this time. Watch for admirable qualities, like friendliness, humour and especially optimism. After all, she’s going out with you again, right? Share a family story or ask if she has a photo of her cat. You can gauge empathy, and deeper exchanges can lead to carnal feelings. – Robert Gordon, author of I Love You Madly!

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Correct that Message

Proofread before hitting “send.” Nearly two-thirds of women polled by the dating site Zoosk said they’d be more likely to decline a date if the message had spelling and grammar errors. Mistakes make you look low-class, says Jay Heinrichs, author of Word Hero. “Grammar is the code that the elite – those with money and power – use to recognise each other.”

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Fake It Till You Make It

Think you’re the only guy who’s faked an orgasm? Hardly. In one study, men who admitted faking it did so in more than a quarter of their sexual encounters. It can actually help your relationship – you’re making her feel better by showing her you enjoy what she’s doing.

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The Pic She Wants To See

Your shirtless selfie from that Zanzibar trip? Lose it. Women tend to favour a profile photo that exudes pride, suggests a survey from the online dating site DatingFound, which compiled single women’s responses to 5 532 photos of single men. The pose they found most appealing: standing with your chest expanded, arms crossed and head tilted up. Lookin’ good.

P.S: 57%. That’s the number of wives that want more sex. The most common time for sex: 10.24PM, Saturday.