What the New Springbok Jersey Looks and Feels Like
A review of the new Springbok rugby jersey.

April 25, 2014

The Springbok’s new jersey has been described as tight fitting, while allowing for maximum natural freedom of movement thanks to ‘motion dry technology’ by new kit supplier Asics. The shirt was unveiled at the V & A Waterfront last night (Thursday, 24 May).

Only minutes after the unveiling ceremony had concluded, Chris Roberts became the first person in South Africa to buy a new Asics manufactured jerseys. He grabbed two jerseys, one for himself and his girlfriend, which retails at R650, available at various stores.

Pressing jersey

Springbok fans can have their jerseys customised with their names and desired shirt number at selected retail outlets.

The supporter’s jersey is described by Asics as the ideal jersey to wear. So I tried one on.

Although the jersey has a soft, silky-like texture that shouts quality, it sat uncomfortably around my neck and arms. A size large is usually a loose fit on my lanky frame, but I found the new jersey to be too tight around my neck and arms. Being on the skinny side, I fear that those with a better build than me may find the jersey even more uncomfortable to wear.

– Leigh Schaller