What’s On Top?
Men’s Health Fashion Editor Azeez Jacobs talks you 
through your headwear options.

February 4, 2015

So You Want To Buy A Hat?

When buying a hat you should keep a few factors in mind to help you make the best decision, says Dean Pozniak of Simon and Mary Hats (simonandmary.co.za)

1. What colour best complements your wardrobe? No use having a chocolate brown hat if you only ever intend on wearing
it with black suits.

2. How tall are you? How big is your face? This will determine the brim width of your hat. Shorter is generally better, while a taller man can generally get away with a larger brim.

3. What “look” do you wish to convey? 
This will determine which crown you choose
– the crown being the upper part of the hat. A classic look is easily achieved with a Monza or homburg crown, while a more casual street vibe will be easiest with
a pincher or trilby.