How To Ask Out A Stranger
You can't take your eyes off her. What do you do?

December 2, 2014


Seeing someone and deciding to ask them out seems ridiculously old-school in these days of Tinder-fuelled dating. And asking out a complete stranger is risky; you have no idea if she’s single, if she’s interested in dating, or whether she’ll appreciate you interrupting her day. Still, it can be done. If you keep these cardinal rules in mind:

Don’t Be A Creep

If there’s one rule you decide to follow let it be this one. Women are inundated daily with creepy leers, lewd suggestions and generally inappropriate comments from guys.

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Really, the last thing you want to do is to be part of that group of Neanderthals. Don’t try to pressure a woman into doing anything. It’s not cool, and it won’t work.

Prepare for Rejection

Seriously. You might be the nicest, most charming, good-looking guy in the world, and she still might not be interested. And that’s OK. Nobody owes you anything, especially a woman you’ve never met.

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If she rejects you accept it graciously – like a gentleman. That’s her right. Smile and say that you had to try. If in doubt re-read rule one.

Keep It Casual

Don’t concoct elaborate tricks and ruses. No amount of trickery, subterfuge or showmanship will convince her if she’s not interested.

We advise single guys to keep a cool event in the back of their mind at all times. Maybe it’s the opening of a great bar, an after-work rock-climbing clinic at the gym or a Sunday fun run for charity.

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Chat for a few minutes and say, “Hey, my friends and I are trying to get more people to go to this thing. You should check it out.” If she’s single and looking to meet someone, she’ll show up with her friends and come looking for you.

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