Worried About Kidney Stones? Have More Sex
Sex Can Help with Passing Painful Kidney Stones

October 14, 2015

If you’re ever had to deal with kidney stones, then you’re fully aware of how extremely painful passing one is; which is why you should do your best to avoid it.

Thankfully, researchers have looked into what could elevate or assist in the passing of kidney stones.

Conducted by the Clinic of Ankara Training and Research Hospital in Ankara, Turkey; researchers have found that having sex three to four times per week is the answer.

Researchers at the hospital’s Department of Urology divided the 75 participants into three groups: one that was administered Tamsulosin (a drug commonly used to improve urination in men with enlarged prostates), second that was asked to have sex at least three to four times per week; the third group that received the standard medical treatment for kidney stones.

Two weeks after the study had commenced, researchers found that 26 of the 31 participants which formed part of the sex group, were able to pass their kidney stones with ease.

However, only 10 out of the 21 participants from the tamsulosin group passed their stones successfully; whilst eight of the 23 participants from the standard treatment group passed their stones with ease.

How big were these stones?

The average stone expelled by participants was measured at 4.7 millimeters.”

A similar study which was published in the Annals of Emergency Medicine, looked at the effects of tamsulosin versus a placebo for treating small and big kidney stones.

“Findings showed that while time seems to be an effective treatment for small kidney stones, doctors should turn to tamsulosin when treating patients with bigger stones.”

This saw a difference between success rates when it came down to the size of the kidney stones, especially with the bigger stones; patients who were on the tamsulosin were able to pass the stones more successfully than those on the placebo.

So next time your lady wants to know, how can one pass kidney stones without too much pain? You can point her in this direction.


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Alice Paulse