Worst Face Scenarios
Erase a decade (or more!) from your dermis with these age-defying solutions.

October 14, 2014

Face the facts, you’re not as young as you used to be. Still, you can fight back against the ravages of time, and avoid the following worst face scenarios.

But genetics determine only about 10% of how your skin ages, says Dr Doris Day, a New York City dermatologist. That means it’s not too late to undo the damage you’ve done. “Your skin is very forgiving,” says Day. The sooner you start, the younger you’ll look.

Dry Skin
CULPRIT – “Depletion 
of hyaluronic acid reduces skin’s moisture retention,” says Dagmar Whitaker, a Cape Town dermatologist.
SOLUTION – A German study found that hyaluronic acid cream twice daily smooths and hydrates skin. Try Skin Hydrating Booster, R795 Dermalogica.

Receding Gums
CULPRIT – Aggressive brushing, which pushes your gums away from your teeth.
SOLUTION – Brush softly – you should use only about a tenth of the pressure needed to crack an egg, says Robert Gerlach, a global oral-care research fellow at Procter & Gamble.

Age Spots
CULPRIT – Production of the pigment melanin due to sun exposure.
SOLUTION – A skin brightener with vitamin C. Use it twice a day and spots should start to fade in about two months, says Whitaker. Try Eucerin Even Brighter Spot 
Corrector, R160 Clicks.

CULPRIT – Damage 
to DNA and collagen, 
a consequence of excessive sun.
SOLUTION – Daily use of sunscreen with an SPF 50 with full UVA cover, recommends Whitaker. Try Vichy Laboratories SPF 50 Micro Fluid Face, 
R225 Dis-Chem.

Eyebrow Loss
CULPRIT – There are more than 30 causes, including genetic and autoimmune disorders, according to University of Pittsburgh scientists. “Thin eyebrows make you look older,” says Day.
SOLUTION – Minoxidil. Use a cotton swab to run a thin layer along your brows twice daily. Try Minoxidil 5%, 
R140 Dis-Chem.

Sagging Skin
CULPRIT – Daily UV exposure damages collagen; age weakens elastic fibres.
SOLUTION – Look for a product containing creatine and cell active folic acid which work together to speed up the cell renewal process and protects DNA against future damage. Try Nivea Active Age Moisturiser 50ml, R140 Clicks.