Your Date Night Look
Bring her close without saying a word.

April 11, 2014

Your Date Night Look, how to dress for a date, casual cool, style

You hear “contrast” and think patterns and colours. But the quieter mixing of 
textures holds special appeal – especially for those who are near enough 
to touch you.

OUR COMBO (Above) The updated Henley with the denim trim speaks volumes about you, while the soft leather jacket offers a more understated design. Leather jacket R4 840 Daniele Alessandrini at Spaghetti Mafia, Henley R330, Zara.

Depending on the brand and your budget, factory distressing rarely looks authentic. Let denim expert David Koral, show you how to make those new jeans look like they’ve been ridden hard.


CREASE THEM If you wear your denim faithfully, you’ll start to see pocket creases in three to six months. 
If you can’t wait that long, soak the jeans in warm water and use a scrub brush to rub the areas you’d most like faded. 
SHAPE YOUR JEANS TO YOUR BODY Fill the bath with warm water and hop right in while wearing your raw, rigid new jeans. Let the fabric become thoroughly soaked. When you step out of the tub, remove the jeans and hang them in an open area to air-dry. BE GENTLE Hot water, rough agitation and detergents degrade the fabric. 
If you must wash your jeans, wear them as long as possible before you wash them (inside out, 
in cold water, with minimal detergent). If you want the colour to last, skip the 
tumbledryer. Give them 
a shake and hang them 
to dry. And if you have 
raw selvedge denim, 
try not to wash it at all. Radom regular slim 
jeans R2 399 Diesel