There’s A Healthier Steak And Chips Recipe You Should Be Making
This simple tweak makes for a much healthier Steak and Chips recipe with 2000 fewer kilojoules.

June 30, 2014

steak and chis on a plate ready to eat

Looking for a healthier steak and chips recipe? It’s all in the breed, apparently.

Fassone beef is a breed of cattle that delivers lean (but delicious) meat. A rogue gene gives the Piedmontese cattle a condition known as “double-muscling,” delivering meat that has less cholesterol and fat than salmon or chicken while still packing the fatty acids of grass-fed beef.

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Not convinced? It still cooks like your marbled, juicy rib-eye and comes in around 2 000 kilojoules when served with baked sweet potato chips. But here’s the thing, it comes from Italy and it’s not exactly readily available. So because we can guarantee you won’t be travelling to Italy this week, there’s a solution. Pick up a sirloin top side steak, it’s also lean and tasty.

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The top sirloin doesn’t have as much as fat or marbling as a rib-eye, but it’s still a cut that provides great flavour. If you’re really wanting to try and elevate your steak game, you also want to pay attention to how thick your steak is. The preferred thickness for a to sirloin cut is about 2.5 – 5cm, with 5cm being ideal. Why? Because thicker steaks don’t run the risk of drying out as easily. Think about all the times someone has served you a flat minute-steak. Not very juicy, was it?

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The thing most men don’t realise is that steak can be seriously high in calories. Per 100g, a grilled rib-eye is around 291 calories. That makes a traditional steak and chips meal is around 4 086 Kilojoules (980 calories), easily. And a lot of times it’s even more than that. But the MH Steak and Chips is almost half of that, coming in at 2 093 Kilojoules (489 calories).